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SVT SitaramVisionTribe

SVT SitaramVisionTribe


SVT SitaramVisionTribe and GC Galactic Confederation

SV  created after 14 years
now A Tribe of psycadelic Nomads, Starlights,

a family with the same understanding and goal, evolution!

Bringing this tribe together to enjoy the 1001 combinations AWARE that this is the purpose, from here emerged Awaredance, dancing and healing in Unity,
a colourful geomagical art!!!

A Tribe that resonates aware, the 13:20 time module of multi dimensional Being!

Expressing each his/her own thing, Art, Healing, Music, Dance and Trance

AWAREDANCE Concept was born!!

Aware-Sharing, Aware-Dancing
a tribe of all elements of the Cosmic pot of Joy
Long time it is all ready the tribe dance....and now almost their spaceship activation, last instructions, Power Flower ready for Kin-Ship!!!
All initiated on my path since 1998
with Sitaram Vision, Daykeepers, Lords of Time...
we call for last pre-paration

AKA festival AwareDance 5
in Radjastan India 
10-24 Dec 2012,
the first 4 Awaredances where happening in Bali, the 5th was in India Baleshwar (was ready but was cancelled on the second day, reason; not enough people)
we looking for new dimensions and possibilities!!!


Sitaram volume 8 to 9, 
social, educational, tribal network platform, 


AwareNewDanceYear 2014 festival
in SEQueensland Australia
from 31-5 january!!! 




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