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Universal Assistent GC SV & Crew

Universal Assistent GC SV & Crew



About SitaRam

Crew & Myself


SitaRam is founded for galactic harmony on Earth, Bali 1997
by Kundalini (Sita) and Baba D.. (Ram)
As flow dance foundation,
design, Mayan Calendar, UNU, Dicologica.
Created the symbols of the Flower of the Moon
and analysing the whole Mayan Vision for Now.
The signs before dots and lines,
that re-present the direct moon NRG,
now expressing NRG symbols that get used
in the Daykeepers and DiGiD and Dicologica
Power Flower-Flower Power

Sitaram Vision was created

SitaRam 1999

On his own Baba D..Tanka and All on the Way!
Created and printed 500 new daykeepers,
made prototype DiGiD,
a cosmological card game,
and the first weblink for service,
created with the Balinese wizards! (

SitaRam 2000

Joined forces with Indra and All on the Way
Workshops, Parties, First website SV1, existing anymore)

created and updated education for more fun!
Released first CD-Rom of Sitaram Vision,
created with love, light and laughter in
the temple of Peace "Puri Damai" in Bali


SitaRam beginning 2001

With the release of SitaRam Vision
Vol2 CD-rom for sale, till we find a publisher-distributer!
So we can initiate 500 new daykeepers more for the planet.
We also want to print Digid cards,
the 260 combination book and Digid book,
and the 20 Lightflowers
Moonflower and Dicologica signs,
printed on T-shirts and backdrops.
3D animation of the Moonflower
and Dicologica on CD-ROM.

Mayan Merkaba the 17 Chakra system, Vol3, etc...


SitaRam 2001 (oct)

We can't wait for a publisher anymore,
because the tension on the planet is to cut,
the Vision needed to be out yesterday already!!!
Vol3., normally out in December 2001,
Now ready to come out FOR FREE,
sharing, translations, passports of the Lords of Time, etc...

SitaRam Vision Tribe 2009
since 2005 SitaRam Vision became a Tribe,
because everyone has a SitaRam vision and that's why this site was created,
to share the visions and see the bigger perspectives
We (SVT) start to put festivals of Art and Time in Bali,
4 Awaredance and 2 Vayeb'Ku both on Volcanos
and 3 Sitaram festivals
In 2011 proudly announce SVT 8,
our re-newed website
Syncro SitaRam Vision Education 8 is ON!!
in 2 Parts, Primary and High school, for initiation and initiation Ones,
for 4-5 year and 6-7 year olds, everything older start's at the first level!!

SVT 2013 GC
Volume 9 Solar Mobilization on the Way

Special thanks to :


All the Masters of Re-Membering:
Aluna Joy, Jose Arguelles, Druvaldo, Nacho...

Mali Zhia Tanka my daughter for Her patience
All MotherShips: Sudeshana,Surya Inti-Huaca,Tara Surya An-Tula, Dakini, Paliaum, Pagoni, Janaki, Joanna etc
All Lightworkers,Indra, Merlin, Cosmic Sun, Martin, Hippolite, Kira, Shain, Boots, Silvius, Richard, Paul Dolphin, Aki, Ben Bagus,
Talisman of Power, Flower of Life, Spacetribe, High and,
the crew of Puri Damai, Awaredance crew,
and All that supported Me on the Way...
All my friends from All the party's, dancing evolution!!!

Baba D..Tanka alias D.J.O. Willems
born in Antwerp Belgium sunrise 23.3.63
Ca Mac Muluc - Diphal - Dick -
Fari - Kultrun - GCevanos - SitaRam


Gateway design :
Channeling eagle, Senya


Flasher & Joomlas


Grafix assistant :
Hippolyte  & Adi

Brainwords : Baba D.. Tanka
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Baba D..Tanka
mayanbaba, GCevanos, Diphal, Fari, Dick, Diederich, CaMacMuluc



each name re-present's a dimension,
many dimensions !!!

born 23.3.63
Antwerp Belgium

Only a few of my names are written down...
man with many names!
But All Sitaram Vision written files, Unu-Dicologica-mayan13:20-Tribe, designs, deco etc...are signed with baba D..
As you can read from top to down

D.. two dots is the Lunar Stabilizer!!

5 5th Dimensional flowering state!!!
Facebook:  Baba D..Tanka
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






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